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Book of Wonders 2019

This half term has been filled with lots of fun activities. In English, children have written some mystery stories, filled with tension and suspense. In addition to this they have written some fascinating documents on Electricity.

In maths we have continued to use the concrete resources to support our learning, this has really helped us understand decimals.

We have created some portraits inspired by photographer Annie Leibovitz. We really wanted our portraits to show what the person was like and thought carefully about what they should be doing in the portrait and where it should be taken.

Here are some pictures showing other highlights of a busy half term!

Station Studios 2019

Wow! What a half term! Not only have Sycamore Class worked their socks off they also went on their first residential trip to Robinwood.

Zipwires, climbing, challenge courses and raft building to name just a few of the activities that Sycamore Class completed during their stay. They did the school so proud, displaying exemplary behaviour at all times.

Back at school they have been taking part in Futsal coaching, showing off their impressive footwork skills.

They even had time to write scripts and mystery stories. Not to mention all the fantastic work they have completed on fractions and decimals.

Well done Sycamore!

Portal Travel: Mexico

Another action packed half term for Year 4. Mrs Ellis is very proud of all the amazing work the children have completed.

Working for Portal Travel, they learnt all about Mexico. especially enjoying looking into the Day of the Dead’ celebrations. Producing some brilliant skull decorations in Art.

Children took part in some investigations looking at different food chains, as well as looking at the human digestive system. They loved sharing their digestive system stories with Year 1 and 2.

In maths, they worked on fractions. We noticed that good times table knowledge really helps with this.

Finally, in PE, children took part in netball. Practising their throwing and catching skills as well as taking part in netball games.

Portal Animation

what an exciting half term it has been. We had the fantastic opportunity to work for Olive Stein’s new company ‘Portal Animation’.

As animators we had to do a lot of research and work before creating the final animations. We also had training using a selection of animation programmes.

We hope you all enjoyed our animations, our first was a guide to multiplication. We used the maths equipment we have been using in lessons to show viewers how to multiply.

finally we made an animation based on a Greek myth. The Greek myth was written by animators in Studio 4.

Portal Design 2018

What a busy half term we have had here in Sycamore Class. Staff have been so impressed with the amount of hard work and effort that children have put in to every aspect of the curriculum.

We were really lucky to have a Yoga teacher come in to do Yoga with us every Monday. Focusing on relaxation and core strength. It was such a lovely way to end our day.



As well as Yoga, we also had a fitness specialist in putting us through our paces completing Trojan Training. This involved circuits focused on improving our fitness.



In addition to all of this sport we have written jingles, Roman Mystery stories as well as taking part in Shared Reading.

We continue to love practical science, there have been lots of debates and discussion in our science sessions too. Mrs Ellis was really impressed with us!



Well done Sycamore Class!

Time Institute 2018

This half term we have been working at the Time Institute, learning all about the Romans. We even got the chance to visit Vindolanda! See our last blog post for all of the pictures.

Science has been a lot of fun this half term, we have done a range of investigations into solids, liquids and gases. Our favourite was trying to weigh Carbon Dioxide found in fizzy drinks.

This half term has also seen us all improve our fitness, completing timed fitness circuits each week. The challenge was to beat our reps each time!

A great start to our time in Year 4!

Vindolanda 2018

Year 4 had an action packed trip to Vindolanda. Beginning the day in a Roman classroom with a lesson from a holographic teacher. The children then got to look around the Roman Army museum, which had artefacts that were over 2000 years old! Before lunch they then got to watch ‘The Edge of Empire’ a 3D movie about life as a Roman Soldier. After lunch, they then got to visit the Vindolanda site. This included talking to archaeologists, with children even getting the chance to hold and touch some of the Roman artefacts that had been found there.


Crankpot Industries

We started the half term with a really exciting trip to Vindolanda. We couldn’t believe that we were lucky enough to see buildings built by the Romans. We also got to watch the architects digging, it was amazing to hear about all the things they had recently found.

We have been working for Crankpot, investigating Sound. The practical activities have been so much fun, especially making our own string phones! We got to learn how sound travels as well as why some sounds are louder than others.

Reading continues to be a big focus, with more of the class spending time reading at home… winning lots of Station Stars for their efforts! Well done Sycamore!

Time Institute

We have had a fun filled half term working for The Time Institute. We had to find out about the Romans, we were amazed by some of the things we found out!

Our writing genre this half term has been Mystery Stories, we really focused on trying to create suspense within our writing.

In maths we really challenged ourselves, learning about decimals.

We have been really lucky to take part in some exciting activities this half term too. All Stars Cricket visited each week to teach us how to play cricket in our PE lessons. As well as that, Hoop Stars came in to do a hula hooping session with us… we had so much fun! Finally, on the last day of term we took part in a dance festival, performing a street dance we had created. Mrs Ellis was extremely proud of our performance!

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