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Portal Digital

Working within Digipod 4 we had an extremely fun half term working for Portal Digital.

Every week Olive sent us 4 jobs we had to complete for the website, these ranged from blogs, videos, photography  and even some interviews. We hope you all managed to see them on the website!

Making the things for the website involved developing lots of our skills. We did a lot of work on fractions, even adding fractions together!

We also worked on our writing skills, writing both letters and some mystery stories!

In science we looked at electricity..our favourite part was constructing our own circuits!

Please check out all our work online 🙂



Portal Travel: Mexico

This half term we have been working for Portal Travel, focusing on Mexico.

As part of our work we got to write our own Mexican Folk Stories. To prepare for this we studied a range of folk stories, looking at language, setting, characters and story lines.

In maths we have been really pushing ourselves. Taking part in challenges and trying to improve our arithmetic scores.. it’s been a lot of fun!

We also got to become detectives for the afternoon when the police came into school. Their visit was to teach us about road safety. It made us aware of how careful we need to be.

Finally, we ended the half term with lots of Christmas celebrations, including a disco and pantomime.

Portal Press

This half term we have been working for Portal Press. We landed a big contract with Waitrose, who asked us to design, make and market a new healthy food product for kids. We created ‘Rainbow Wraps’ a healthy, colourful and tasty snack for kids. We had a great time making them, testing out different combinations of vegetables to use and developing our cooking skills.

In order to advertise the Rainbow Wraps we had to write our very own jingles as well as instructions to let people know how to make their own.

In Maths we have loved working with fractions, particularly matching hundredths with their decimal equivalents.

We now have 11 Buddies in our class too, who successfully completed their training this half term.



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